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7 days in one month rail pass means within 30 days or calendar month?

I plan to get a 7 day within 1 month eurail pass. The website says you get 7 travel days within a one-month window.

My question is what is considered for them a 'one-month window', since I am probably starting my travel near the end of June and finish near the end of July, within 30 days but over 2 months, not one month.

I'm guessing it's good for a month length of time and not only one calendar month. I see some old posts on here confirming this but has anything changed?

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What it means is this: say you want to start the 30 day travel period in June 15. (you tell "them" the date on which you want the Pass to begin. The clerk write in 15.06.19 as starting date. For the ending date the clerk write in 14.07.19 So, in the course of time period, you have 7 travel days , ie any 7 travel days at your choosing.

I've done this numerous times, I get a 10 day, (2 country), 2nd class Pass valid within 2 months. So, if he indicates as per the example, 6/15/19 as the start date, then the end date is 8/14/19.

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Fly into Frankfurt
2 nights Frankfurt
4 nights Berlin
2 nights Dresden
4 nights Prague
2 nights Brno
4 nights Vienna
2 nights Bratislava
4 nights Budapest
Fly out of Budapest

Here is OP's itinerary from his other post

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To illustrate Priscilla's point, bought in advance Dresden-Prague costs you EUR 14,90 and Vienna-Budapest EUR 19,00.
Consider Bratislava as a day-trip from Vienna: it takes only 1 hour (and 6 min to be precise).
Buy those tickets with the railway companies themselves (Deutsche Bahn, OEBB, etc.) or an agent like Trainline or Loco2. Definitely NOT at RailEurope.

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Most of us know that Eurail Tickets are a waste of money, but i wonder if the illusion of “ease of use” is what attracts some people? I know buying point to point tickets is fairly easy, but to a new traveler it must seem daunting.

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We all have been new. If people can buy a plane ticket, they are also very well capable of buying a train ticket. It isn't so much different.

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Yes, ease of use is generally seen as a big positive here, as well as Mr. Steves on his site advocating their use or course. I am looking into the suggestions and probably sit down and get individual passes in the end. Thank you!

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You can go from Vienna to Bratislava by bus for 1 Euro. Bus is best on this route as well.