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6 min connection at Champagne-Ardennes

Hoping someone who has been to the train station can help me out, my travel partner and I are taking the ter (slow train)from Reims to Champagne-Ardennes where we have a 6 min connection to get on the TGV to Paris, is this doable or should we just skip the first train and take a taxi to the station?

This takes into account the TGV rule of wanting everyone on 2 min before departure (so really 8 min) It is a day trip so we will have no luggage to deal with. Does anyone know how many platforms this station has?
Thanks for the advice in advance!

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It should be doable, but tight. Make sure you know what platform (track) your train leaves from and head straight for it. You will need a reservation for the TGV and it should give you the information you need.