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6 hour airport layover in Vienna

Do you think it is possible to see a few sights in Vienna if we have a 6 hour layover (between Rome and Paris)? Any tips on luggage storage or inexpensive way to get into the city? We are a family of 4 with a 12 year old son who is a huge Beethoven fan.

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Dawn, Is your layover at the airport or train station?

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With a family and only a short 6h layout, I don't really think it is wise to venture out into the city. The 6h layover translates into: - 45 min (minimum) to de-plane, find your way in the airport, put luggage on the lockers - 1h to manage your way through ticketing and riding the CAT train to Wien Mitte (considering average waiting time for next train) - 45 min for your return train journey to the airport - 1h30 of advance from take-off time to make sure you have enough time to recollect luggage and go through security. That would leave you with only 2 hours to explore any place from Wien Mitte. Not worth the hassle, in my opinion.

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Hi Dawn, I agree that it might be a bit ambitious to try to get into central Vienna with only 6 hours. However, I just wanted to mention that about 7 miles from the airport is one of the largest cemeteries in the world, called Zentralfriedhof. It's pretty amazing for its sheer size alone, but in addition to that, guess who is buried there? Yup, Beethoven, along with many other famous composers (they are all grouped together). Time might still be tight to get there and back, but it is potentially do-able. I'm not sure about transportation options to/from, I'll leave you to research that if you are interested, but I wanted to bring this option to your attention if you weren't already aware of it. My husband and I loved our visit to Zentralfriedhof - it's one heck of a cemetery!

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I s this the cemetery that was in The Third Man? It looked beautiful and worth a visit for sure.

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Twenty years ago, yep, but not now. Not enough time & too much pressure back at the airport in clearing security & check in. Sorry.

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We will have to save Vienna for another trip. I am always a little too optimistic about what we can fit in AND I hate waiting in airports, so I had a little, unrealistic dream. Thanks to all who chimed in with their advice. Truly appreciated and needed.