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Heathrow Layover

OK, stupid question time: We'll be laying over at Heathrow for 7+ hours, and saw lots of good suggestions for what to do, including taxi to Windsor Castle. Given that we'll have just carryons and can check them at Heathrow, any issues with leaving the security area? Obviously no visa required, but then checking back in? Any thoughts?

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Sometimes information about this subject is contained on the official airport website, you probably want to check the website. I know it is at Schiphol so maybe Heathrow website answers your question.

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I don't see any problem with leaving the security area. It's just a matter of going through security again once you come back. I'm not sure what you mean, though, by "can check them at Heathrow". Are you planning to check your carryons from that point? Or do you mean you want to leave them at Heathrow until your return? I'm not sure that is possible.

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Nancy, there are left lugggage facilities at Heathrow which John can use if he is unable to check his bags for his ongoing flight before leaving the airport.

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You won't have any trouble checking back in, unless you leave you passport and/or ticket for your next flight in your luggage in a locker or in "left luggage". Be sure to take those with you.

I went outside to smoke on a layover at Heathrow recently, and they didn't think that was a good reason for going thru customs. You will be required to fill out one of those little white forms. And you will have to explain that you just want to see some of the city on your layover.

Heathrow is great because you can take the train right into the city. For a to do, I would suggest the Original Tour double decker tour bus.