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50 minutes layover Atlanta

Just got an email re flight change. Flying to Rome from hsv. Our layover has been cut from 2 hrs to 50 minutes. Is that doable?

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Is FCO your destination from ATL, or is there some other domestic stop before the FCO flight?

Edit- When is the trip?--- during t-storm season when you could have a delay leaving HSV or arriving ATL?

I would be inclined to contact Delta to see what flight change could be made to not have such a tight transfer

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Oh, I hate it when that happens. It's not ideal, but it is certainly doable. I have made connections that tight on Delta in the Atlanta airport. It's actually one of the better arranged airports in that respect.

My suggestions - confirm your next gate as soon as you can turn your phone on after the first flight lands in Atlanta while taxiing to the gate. Be prepared to grab your carryons as soon as you can unbuckle your seat belt and stand.

THEN once you're inside the airport, power walk to your next gate. I say power walk knowing that there may be a train between where you land and where you depart. There may also be a couple of staircases/escalators involved, depending on where you land and where you depart. As much as that sounds like a lot of ground to cover, the trains really do make it quick and easy to reach the next terminal.

Do not stop to admire the shops or food or anything else until you reach your next gate. Then catch your breath, and hopefully there's enough time to find a restroom, cup of coffee, etc., once you reach that end of the airport.

Good luck!

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If you're coming from Huntsville Alabama, you'll deplane in one of the domestic terminals. If your flight to Rome is a non stop it will probably leave from the international terminal. If so, that means you will need to take the "plane train" to the international terminal. That should not be a problem as long as you only have carry on luggage or have checked you bags all the way through so you don't have to leave the secure area. The Atlanta airport does maintain a really good web site with lots of good info. If it is possible to change flights (and it might not be) go to Atlanta the day before and stay at a motel so you have plenty of time the next day to make the Rome flight.

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Thank you all!!
Our flight is in early October. I just flew through Atlanta Tuesday. Spent 1 1/2 hrs on the plane ( on the tarmac) during a thunderstorm. Hard to go anywhere from hsv without going through Atlanta. The flight is direct Atlanta to fco. We've never traveled internationally before. We have time so I guess I'll call delta and see what we can do.

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Good luck! Best bet is probably to fly in much earlier, even the day before. A little extra trouble and expense on this end will prevent a lot of heartache if your flight to Rome is missed.

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I agree with everyone above, we have to leave from ICT (Wichita) therefore we have to go to either ATL or MSP to get to Europe and with a 50 min layover your plane could only have a 15 min delay and your not going to make your next flight. Lately I've been using my sky miles to book the flight to ATL or MSP and then booking my Europe flight from the hub, this saves money and I am certain to have at least a 3 hr layover. Twice in the last two years my initial flights had significant delays before take off but I made my overseas flight!

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These kind of changes are common and normal. But that layover time is totally insufficient for a giant airport like ATL. Call Delta and have an alternative flight ready, including flight #s. They will work with you to change it but it will really help you to let them know what alternative flight you prefer.

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It can take a long time just to de-plane from your connecting flight, if you're not in the front of the plane. I have missed flights twice in ATL, even when they landed on-time, sprinting to another terminal. If you go and miss it, look for the special Delta customer service desks to help. For Delta international flights, MSP is much preferred for those of us in the Heartland.

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Hi mygirl, we flew Cle-Atl-Zur last September with a 50 minute layover in Atlanta. We were a bit worried (my BF more than me) but it was no problem at all. We went directly to the gate and arrived with 30 min to spare. If you're really worried, call Delta and they should be able to rebook you for a later flight. Good luck!

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There's no way I would want to risk a 50 minute layover when connecting to an international flight in Atlanta. I agree with others who have said you should contact Delta and pretty much insist on an earlier flight into Atlanta.

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Just one bit of advice if you stick with the 50 minute layover. Pack a change of clothes, including underwear, something to sleep in, toothbrush and other essential items in your carry-on. You may make it, but your checked luggage may not. On the other hand, if you check a bag that does get put on the plane, I don't think the flight will depart without you.

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Just had another thought. If you can't get an earlier flight to ATL, and can't get a flight there the day before, consider a shuttle service from Huntsville the day before. I know it's a long way, but I think there are at least a couple of services.

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Of course, secondary to YOUR making the connection, unless you are flying Business or First Class, chances are with boarding (likely) after most of the other passengers have already boarded, there may be NO overhead space left for your carry-on (which means gate check, so likely the carry-on would at least make the flight with you).

Are there other flights departing to Rome from Atlanta later in the day? (So you could be put on those flights if you miss the first connection?)

Are you arriving in Atlanta by one of the commuter-type smaller planes (partner airlines)? If so those can sometimes land really far away from the international gates.

Might be worth asking the airline to rebook you with a better connection (which they should do without a fee), but that would likely mean a really long connect time (which, of course, if boring).

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Flying from Chattanooga we also go through ATL to get anywhere. If it were my flight I would not chance making the connection with that kind of layover. Have you checked Delta's website to see what your options are? I would do that first and then call customer service.