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5 in 6 person couchette--how to book 6th bed--Munich-Rome

we are a family of 5 and are willing to pay for the 6th bunk to insure we have the 6 person couchette all to ourselves. We are in the US. On the German train site, I can only book 5 persons online. Is there a way to book online (or by telephone) to have to entire 6 person couchette from Munich-Rome?

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Elaine, I see that you've received no response. I thought I knew the answer to your question, but now I'm not so sure. We booked 4 beds in a couchette, but it was booked as a 4-bed couchette. So I think we paid more per person to do it that way as opposed to 4 beds in a 6-bed couchette. I would email the DB through this website to ask them...(unless someone on here knows the info!)