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Venice to Rome

My husband and I will be traveling from Venice to Rome with our children (ages 9 and 11) in July. Can anyone give me advice on which train we should take. Thanks!

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There are many trains per day from Venice to Rome, almost one high speed train (ES*) per hour. Certainly you can find a train that fits your schedule.

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Check out the Italian train website -- When it comes up, there is a button for English top right. Then look for the trenitalia button on the next screen. You can look at the schedules. You cannot buy tickets directly from trenitalia from the US because US credit cards won't work on their site. However, you can print out the schedules that interest you and buy your tickets once you're in Italy. Our cards will work in the ticket machines there. There is no need to book ahead from here. We usually just buy our tickets soon after we get to Italy.
Trains from Venice to Rome will go through Florence, most likely with a train change. There is a special fast train. I can't remember the designation name offhand, but it is locally called the red arrow. That's the fastest and most expensive.
If the trenitalia site doesn't work for you, try the German site, It has all the trains. You may not be able to see exact schedules further out that 3 months on either site, but look at a calendar for the same day of the week. The schedule should be the same or very similar. Look around on those sites, and you will see you have a lot of choices.
You can also see some schedules on However, avoid buying tickets from them. It is a service in the US and charges a surcharge. They are honest, and you can get tickets from them in advance, but you will pay more.

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It's also a possibility to fly on EasyJet from Venice Marco Polo to Rome Fuimicino. I would prefer train, but there ARE other options.

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As previously mentioned, there are several to choose from -- it's a popular route. Personally, I wouldn't suggest springing for the fast train unless you're really crunched on time. Most of the scenery was really enjoyable and it was a lovely experience for us.

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I'll be travelling in June & want to go Rome to Venice on the train. Looked at the train sites and checked on the airfare; Easy Jet is lowest at $27.11 but then there are transfers from the airport. Probably less to take the train into the city. I have a couple of questions for you seasoned travellers! On Trenitalia what does 'solutions' stand for? When I click that there is another overnight train to choose from. Reservations are required on all trips I am considering but I don't see how much that costs. For an overnight is 2nd class ok or do y'all suggest I spring for 1st? Joanna, when you look at trains be sure to click on details & then info and scroll to the bottom to see all the stops the train will make.

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I wouldn't even consider flying from Rome to Venice, as the trip via EuroStar Italia / Alta Velocita is only about 3H:48M. By the time you add the time travel to and from the airports, checking-in, security, collecting baggage, etc., that trip will be significantly longer by air. There may also be issues with baggage weight and extra charges, which won't be a problem with train travel.


As Thomas mentioned, check one of the rail websites to determine the departure times for the various trains on that route. Note that you'll be travelling from Venezia Santa Lucia to Roma Termini. I'd suggest departing about 10:00 or so, as that will allow you to have a somewhat leisurely departure from Venice, and arrive in Rome at about the right time to check-in.

You can purchase P-P tickets at Venezia S.L. when you arrive there or at Travel Agents in Venice (these are listed in the Guidebook as I recall). If you're travelling on the EuroStar Italia, the cost will include the compulsory reservations. You'll be assigned a Car (Carroza) No. and a Seat (Posto) No.

The trip from Venice to Rome (or vice versa) is quite pleasant.


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Remember you should qualify for the "familia" discount since you are traveling with children 12 and under. 20% off for the adult tickets and 50% off the children's tickets. If you use the kiosks, there is a screen with the different ticket types that will have a button for "Promo" and next to it it says "promotional offers". If you push that it will let you pick the familia discount.

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I'd also buy the tickets when you get to Venice before the departure date. Fridays are a busy travel day on that route.

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If you're up for it, the 791 Marco Polo night train is nice enough. It leaves at 11PM ish, so you can get a nice last night in, when Venice is at it's finest, AND wear the kids out. ;)

We did it last year with my 70 year old folks, and it was quite nice. Would be an adventure for the kids, as they get the top bunks. The couchettes were fairly comfortable for couchettes, and large (I'm a big guy, and fit nicely.).

The only disadvantage to it was the air flow/air conditioning decreased during the couple stopovers the train took - that can be tough in Italy!

Have fun!

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Thanks so much for all your advice. Now all I have to do is convince my 11 year old that she will have fun!