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4 am water taxi to marco polo airport

We understand the vaporetti do not operate this early, and we must hire a private water taxi. It's a flat fee for up to 4 people, and we are just 2. Anyone know how we could find 2 others who would likely like to split the fee?
Also - - have many found a "fog" issue in the early morning hours? Our flight is @ 6:30 am. Thanks -

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Flying out of Venice we chose to stay near the airport for our return. Our arrival was delayed and when we finally did land we could not even see... fog. So, having had to wait for our water taxi due to weather we did not want to risk it, so stayed closer to the airport and they had a shuttle.

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Thanks for the idea. I'll check into alternate accomodations for the night before. It'd be ideal if we could find another couple to split the taxi.... Don't know how to do this. Guessing the hotel boat guys get a cut and aren't too interested in helping guests split fees.... Cheers!

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We also stayed near the airport shuttle trip from hotel to airport was 5-10 minutes and they had breakfast out before our 4:45 shuttle time. Didn't see fog (October) but with a 45-minute connection time in Amsterdam (and no other direct flights to SFO later in the day) we had been plenty worried.

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This is a duplicate post. There are additional answers on the other thread over in To The Boot.