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4:30am flight from Athens???

Hi all this is a post just to get a suggestion or to see if someone has had a similiar experience. I am booking a trip for May 2008, will be traveling to Athens, Santorini, Krakow, Prague, Vienna, Berlin, Madrid, Marrakech, and London (in that order).

I need to travel Athens to Krakow but can only find a sky europe flight that leaves at 4:30am.

My plan is to fly from Santorini getting into the Athens airport around 11pm, for the 4:30am flight the next morning.

Has anyone flown with Sky europe on a route like this? I am worried about staying in the Athens airport overnight as a solo female traveler.

Does this seem like a reasonable thing to do?

Does anyone have a better suggestion, I would perfer to fly Athens to Krakow, as the other cities do not work for flight/train schedule.

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I wouldn't worry tto much about a late night layover at Athens airport. Athens airport is one of my favourite airports, it's very clean, well lit and there are plenty of security guards patrolling. Just remember to have plenty of water in your bag and a little food and a good book and never leave your luggage unattended

Skyeurope is a very new airline, it's only been in existence for 6 years and is central/east Europe based. All I can say is I haven't heard anything bad about them - because I haven't heard much about them at all, except that the cabin crew on the airlibe I work for think the skirts of the Aireurope female cabin crew are way too short. They do fly with modern Boeing aircraft but they are a small company.