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Can someone who has visited the Cinque Terra please tell me what time the milk trains between the towns start up in the morning? We would like to be in Genova by 7:00am to catch a train to Venice and we are staying in Vernazza. So we need to get from Vernazza to Genoa probably through Monterosso.

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If you need to be in Genoa at 7AM, you will need to get there the night before, find a hotel and be at the Genoa train station for your early departure to Venice.

There is a great hotel right across the street from the Genoa train station and some good resturants just down the street.

You don't need to spend the day in Genoa, there really isnt' too much to see, it's pretty dirty and a bit perhaps plan to arrive around 5-6, check into your hotel, ask for directions to a resturant and enjoy the evening relaxing.

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Go to Genova the night before. The "milk trains" are not particularly reliable, though fairly frequent. The connection in Monterroso is not so frequent. Also, you have to buy your on-ward trip at the small ticket counter in Monterosso (no machines)- you can't get it in Vernazza (at least this was how it was 2 years ago). The trip to Venice from Vernazza is not difficult, but it is time consuming.

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Why are you travelling via Genoa? There are two main routes from the Cinque Terre to Venice, one via Milano and one via Firenze. Of the two, your best bet is probably through Firenze.

If you could provide a bit more information on your plans, it would be easier to offer more specific advice. Do you need to get to Venice by a certain time? Are you looking for the shortest trip with the fewest changes?


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Ditto Ken, why do you need to be in Genoa to catch a train to Venice when you can do it right from Vernazza. You catch the 4:52am train at Vernazza. 3 minutes later, you change trains in Monterosso. This next train is the Intercity 35408 to Milano Centrale with no train changes in between. (Yes, this run does stop in Genoa). You then change trains in Milan to the Frecciabiana 9713 that arrives in Venice at 11:40.

Now for the informative part. You make the big effort to get to Genoa to catch the train. So there you are in Genova Piazza Principe train station and you catch the 6:44 train to Milan. Guess what? It's exactly the same train I described above coming from Monterosso. Catch the early train in Vernazza and save yourself some time and train change unless you want to be in Genoa the previous day and evening.

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Another 2007 post. Hopefully they will fix the database soon, to many old posts are coming up to the top.

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Darn, I missed the date on this one too. I agree, hope this all gets sorted soon!