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SkyEurope Airlines

Has anyone had experience (good or bad) with SkyEurope? We're planning to use it to travel from Rome to Prague. Or if you know of another discount airline that would get us from Rome to Prague, would appreciate that as well.

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I flew SkyEurope last month from Krakow to Amsterdam. The flight was fine and you get more leg then you get with Ryanair. But when you book your flight you will have the option of reserving your exact seat for an extra charge. Don't do it. I reserved a seat in the first row. When I checked in for the flight, my boarding pass had a seat located in the middle of the plane. When I pointed this out to the agent; he just laughed at me and refused to correct the problem. I asked to speak to a supervisor, again I was laughed at. Eventually I just gave up and sat in the middle of the plane.

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Thanks! I'm sure I would have taken the option--now I'll know better.