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35 minutes layover in Vienna

Does anyone know whether 35 minutes is enough time to change planes in Vienna? My flight leaves Dusseldorf, Germany (Air Berlin)and connects in Vienna for Rome, Italy (Air Berlin operated by NIKI). Is this doable?

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35 minutes is the shortest connection time anyone has asked about, here, in the last two years. If you are not greatly inconvenienced by the consequences of missing your connection, no problem--but if you are, I wouldn't do it.

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I would not chance a 35 minute time window for any connection. If something delays your first flight there would be no way to do the connection. I would give an 1.5 - 2 hr connection window for any eurozone only flights depending on the size of the connecting airport.

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Have you already bought the ticket? It is quite tight, although you might be ok. The Vienna airport is very compact. I had a connection through Vienna back in June (Austrian) and moved through the airport quite quickly (I did not have to change terminals or go through immigration on my transfer). The airport website said that only 25 minutes was required for a Star Alliance connection.

I agree with others ---I probably wouldn't choose a flight with such a tight connection but if you already have purchased the ticket you might check with the airline to see what happens if the flight is delayed.

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This May we had a 45 minute connection, coming in from Toronto on Austrian and connecting to Istanbul on Turkish and had plenty of time to make the next flight including having to go through Security. The key issue is if the first flight is late, and you miss the connection, what is your fall back option. If there is a later flight on the same airline you should be fine.

Also, it looks like both your flights are Air Berlin so I presume they would protect you on a later flight if seats are available and assuming there is a later flight.

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Thank you so much for the insights and advice. Unfortunately, I have already purchased the ticket. I wanted to know from others who have had to connect from Vienna if this was possible before I decide what to do next. I cannot miss this connection since I need to be in Roma for Christmas Eve. I will definitely call the airline and inquire about the very short layover and go from there.

Thanks again for all your help! :)