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rome to sorrento- transportation

i am helping a friend plan his trip to italy. he will be going from rome to sorrento with two small children and it slightly anxious about the circumvesuviana train from naples to sorrento. does anyone have any other ideas? he told me he was going to get a driver that would cost upwards of $750, which i think is pretty outrageous. what about buses?

he could take the train from rome to naples...and then what are his options?


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I took the circumvesuviana from Naples to Sorrento last year and found it not any more difficult than any any other train connections in Italy.

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I agree with Brandi -- what is the concern about the circumvesuviana? Other than a long walk from the main station it is just like any other train.

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um...well, i actually agree with you. i will be absolutely taking the circumvesuviana in november. however, i think it's mostly because he will be traveling with a large group that includes very old and very young and he doesn't want to have to worry about pick-pockets. he's green, of course...cause there are pick-pockets everywhere.

just trying to help him out is all...

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Once I did the train and then another time I did the bus. I prefer the bus because the circumvesuviana station is full of pickpockets! You can take a very nice air-conditioned bus from the Tiburtina train station (a bus station there also)right into center of Sorrento. I took a taxi from my hotel in Rome to the Tiburtina station (cheap)and the driver let me out right at the buses. Your friend may want to check at a travel agency in Rome for bus tickets. I did the return trip also. Very Easy!

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Hi there. Rick Steves has also wrote about taking the train from Rome to Naples. Cab it to the Port of Naples. Then go by water to Sorrento.
We have done the trip by hydrofoil from Sorrento to Naples. It is beautiful.
Just a thought. It is in his Italy book.
Angela from Canada