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3-4 days in Copenhagen or Amsterdam?

We've decided to fly out of Copenhagen to Amsterdam. We will have 3 days before we fly home. I have spent time in Amsterdam before but my partner hasn't. Neither one of us have spent time in Copenhagen. Would anyone out there recommend one city over the other if you only have 3 days?
We enjoy museums, walking or biking, music. We will more than likely stay in an airbnb because we don't eat out much. Thanks for your comments. Dawn

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For all of the things you mentioned - museums, music, walking and biking, I'd pick Amsterdam. Copenhagen is very expensive!

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I really like Copenhagen. I think it has the most to offer of any Scandinavian capital, palaces, museums, beaches, parks, etc. I could easily fill three days there (we spent five and didn't see everything we would have liked to). I don't like Amsterdam nearly as much. Amsterdam has some great architecture and museums - but approaches seedy because it's red light district and tolerance for drugs attract tourists that are interested in those. A day or two in Amsterdam is plenty for me. If Christiania would be your top sight in Copenhagen, however, you would likely prefer Amsterdam.

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Brad makes a really excellent point! That is a great way to think about it. Here's a little about Christiania, in case you aren't familiar: With only 3 days, I would vote for Copenhagen. I love it unreservedly. It is a lovely city for walking and for biking, since it is nice and flat. I suppose that's true of Amsterdam, too, but Amsterdam isn't Copenhagen. Copenhagen is safe, clean, cozy, cosmopolitan, and crammed with things to do. The people are charming and welcoming. The place isn't crammed to the gills with folks heck-bent on getting their smoke on, if you know what I mean. Check out this amazing list of museums! I personally haven't even begun to scratch the surface of that list, but some favorites are the Resistance Museum, Roskilde Cathedral, the Viking Ship Museum, the Royal Danish Naval Museum, the Danish National Gallery, and the Tycho Brahe Planetarium. There's great shopping, wonderful places to just hang out and chill, excellent food, wonderful history, fairytale castles... yes, I am ranting. And before anyone else has a chance to say "Meh" about Tivoli, let me just give it a HUGE shout out. It is adorable. It is fun. It is quintessentially Danish. And although yes, it's pricey (much in Denmark is pricey) I go every time I am there. The people watching is most excellent, the architecture is magical, and it's just... Tivoli. Anyway, that's me for Copenhagen. :-)