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3-3-1 Intra-Europe too?

Is the liquid 3-3-1 also in effect for air travel from one EU country to another? I'm planning to check my bag from the US to the UE, but we are taking two flights within Europe. Can I carry on more liquid then? I feel I must have all my toiletries. :) Thanks in advance!

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It's not as strict as 3-3-1 but when flying in Spain/the Netherlands recently the announcements they had said it was restricted to what you could fit in a one quart plastic bag and that the bag must be presented separately to security.

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The rule is 3-1-1, not 3-3-1. Your containers may hold no more than 3 ounces each (actually 3.4 oz or 100ml), they must all fit into a ziploc 1 qt (1 liter) bag, and you may only have 1 such bag per passenger. If you need more than you can fit into your bag, you could maybe put some of your stuff in your travel companion's bag, provided there is room.

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We flew from Madrid to Heathrow last Monday. A woman tried to go through security with larger (6 or 8 ounce) bottles of shampoo, etc. The agent took them all away from her. She was quite upset and losing her personal supply of lotions and potions.