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2hr Layover

Good Morning,

We have booked a flight to Florence through Brussels ($856) in October. Our layover is 2 hrs, is this enough time? We usually fly direct but obviously there arent any into FLR so I forget what a respectable time frame is.


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Brussels airport is not huge, I think you will be fine; checked baggage or carryon only?

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You will see your baggage at FLR and go through immigration and customs there.

Since Belgium is a Schengen country, I assume they'll go through immigration there, with customs in Florence.

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"They wouldn't have created an itinerary with a 2 hour layover if they didn't think passengers would miss their connection. "

With all due respect, I disagree with this. I have had several fights that I was assured met the minimum connection time, but would have been or proved to be impossible. The minimum connection time calculation is a bit opaque. If is supposed to be the minimum time an able bodied adult needs to get from one flight to another. It does not incorporate any flight delay, delayed disembarking which is very common with full jumbo jets, delays at passport control, a pressing need to use a bathroom, or any number of contingencies. Anytime I've accepted a short connection time in Europe it has been a sweat inducing jog, a gut wrenching experience. Maybe that is just me, but, as much as I despise downtime in airports, I'd just as soon have a few hours to kill.

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Thank you MrsEB for the links!

We are going to upgrade to Economy Plus just to be on the safe side. When i first booked the flight, I figured it would be plenty of time but the more I began to think about it the more curious I became.

Thanks again!