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1st or 2nd class

We are loking to do the Glacier Express is there much difference btween 1st and 2nd class? Have other travel as well and am getting a 3 day Swiss Pass $140 Aus difference in price just wondering what you think???

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I have not been on the Glacier express, but have been on other scenic trains in Switzerland. The difference is teh type of car you are in. The first class have observation type windows which allow a better view of the mountains, but if you are expecting to take phots, you will be disappointed. The trains travel so fast, through tunnels, past trees, by the time you get your camera focused, you are past teh beautiful view you just saw! Better to sit vback and enjoy the view - even my camera mad wife agrees with me on this point!

If it is your first time, I would suggest you go first class, but only one way. If you are returning the same route, make that 2nd.

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When I traveled on the Glacier Express several years ago I talked with a swiss man who told me that it is far cheaper to ride the normal train on that route and not pay the extra fare for the Express.

He said the only difference is the larger windows on the upper level. You can decide if it is worth the extra fare.

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We rode the Glacier Express 2 years ago. The GE has special observation carriages that are quite nice. 2nd Class is just fine. For the GE, we paid 30CHF per person over the base cost as either a seat reservation or supplemental fee. Plus, we had a Swiss 1/2-fare card. Our carriage did have the larger windows but there was no upper part.

Carl is correct that regular R and IC trains run on the same tracks and cost much less. True, their windows are not as large as the GE observation cars but you save money. We reversed our direction at Disentis and rode the regular train back to Brig. It was just fine.

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I took Bernina express and was happy with second class. It['s so individual as to how much more one should pay.