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Bernina Express

We want to take the Bernina Express in June from Pontresina to Tirano, Italy and return the same day:

Will we be able to reserve seats for just that portion?
Will there be any Italian customs/passport issues or procedures to deal with?

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You don't have to worry about immigration. Going into and out of Switzerland, we have never been through any type of immigration check. However, the Swiss conductors are very good at checking your ticket. If your ticket is signed, they often ask for your passport to double check the signature.

When you buy your ticket on the train, you pay a seat reservation fee at that time. They come together.

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Thanks for the response Larry.
Will we be able to make an advance reservation even though we are just doing a portion of the route
or do we have to wait and take our chances?

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You really don't have to but you can if you want to. You can buy on The site is powered by RailEurope which means that you will pay a higher price for the tickets than if you bought them there.

CLICK HERE for the website.