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Venice Vaporetto

What, if any, restrictions are there regarding bring luggage on the Vaporetto? I'm driving to Venice and would like to stay in the city; but I'm concerned about having to
lug suitcases to the Vaporetto and through the streets
to a hotel.

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I haven't noticed any. It is amazing what people take on the vaporetto. You won't be the only one with suitcases. Again you see lots of people with luggage in the streets. Generally it's OK except when you have to cross bridges. Don't know of any other way to do it though. If your hotel is on a canal then you could get a water taxi but that can prove to be expensive.

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Officially, there is a fee for carrying luggage onto vaporettos--something like e3, I think. In fact, I was reminded of this last week when I purchased my 72-hour pass. The fee structure above the ticket booths outside the Venice train stations show the time that each ticket is valid and a drawing of a piece of luggage with the charge listed next to it. Don't let this throw you. In my three visits to Venice, I've never been questioned and I've never seen this enforced.

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I was recently in Venice and I was happy that it was very easy to get on and off the vaporetto with my luggage. I also noted that when I purchased the 72 hour pass that it included 1 piece of luggage in the price. IHowever, no one was ever approached to pay for their luggage.

As I boarded the boat from the train station, I was told to go below with my luggage to make room for all the people.