Dubrovnik to Venice

I would like to travel from Dubrovnik to Venice in Mid-October. Are there any cheaper airlines? Or is there a ferry or railway system to use? I guess my question is what is the fastest and cheapest way to travel between the two cities?

Posted by Martine
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Although there is a regular ferry from Bari to Dubrovnik, Bari is at least 9 hours from Venice. Your best bet is to take the train to Rome and fly out to Croatia. On Expedia.com, nonstop flights start at $147 one-way.

Getting to Dubrovnik

Posted by carl
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Do a google search for "train Dubrovnik to Venice". Train routes in that part of Europe are not direct; so you may have to go through hub cities.

I doubt there is an airline serving that route.

Posted by Pauline
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The fastest way would probably be to fly. Jeff suggested a flight on AirOne through Rome. Here's another possibility that's faster -- Dubrovnik to Venice for $264 US on Oct. 15 (5 hours 50 min) with one stop. http://www.sidestep.com/s/flights.jsp?searchid=4QOv6oX8LqDpQvdlD05qIg&completed=true

  • Rates & availability of flights are subject to change minute to minute.

Otherwise, the cheapest might be to take the bus from Dubrovnik north (there is no train out of Dubrovnik).

Or you could bus from Dubronvik to Split and fly to Venice. Or fly DUB to Rome and train to Venice as Martine suggested. There are all kinds of possibilities (bus, rail, ferry, plane) but you would be the best judge of which combination gives you fast and cheap. This site might give you more information:

Posted by Frank
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Flying might just be the best value, especially on a good discount airline like AirOne. A ferry/bus/train trip would take at least 3 times longer and may not save you much money depending on your choices. Note that by mid-October, both the airlines and ferries will be on off-season schedules. Unless your schedule coincides with theirs or you have some flexibility on travel days, bus and train via Zagreb might be your only option. I would suggest finding a good flight and planning your days in Dubrovnik around it.

Posted by Brad
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It looks like there is a ferry from Dubrovnik to Bari, Italy where you could catch a train to Venice.

From Split you could catch a ferry to Ancona then train to Venice.

I'm not sure any trip that includes a ferry would be fastest or cheapest but it may be more memorable.

Posted by John
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In December of 2012 we booked a Croatia Air flight non stop for the summer of 2013 between Dubrovnik and Venice. The flight may not operate all days of the week. The fare was US $147.