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2022 Trip - Airfare

Like many others, we had to cancel our trip last year, and will now go next April. Wondering if it's nuts to book flights now. They are currently more than we paid in 2019 for the same flights BUT I have also seen them for a lot more. Curious if flights will start to fill up as people start planning to get the hell out of dodge. I would kinda like to do it now and be done with it, even it means paying more.

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Curious if flights will start to fill up as people start planning to get the hell out of dodge.

No one knows.

One thing you should do is sign up for sales alert directly with your preferred airlines. All usually have sales campaigns for travel for a specific period. I have not seen any sales alert for travel covering a period Spring 2022 yet.

Buy only refundable tickets; hopefully the expensive ones you are seeing are refundable.

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Buying refundable would add $1000 to the tickets. Not sure they'll go down enough to justify that.

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Have you set up Google Flights price alerts so that you can track the prices? I've found this to be very helpful.

One reason I would not book now is that flight schedules will change as the number of travelers increase, and flights are added. I've just booked a domestic flight for August, and the airline keeps changing my flights as it revises its schedules, and then I have to keep changing the pick up times for my rental car.

Obviously I don't have a crystal ball, just IMHO, I'd wait.

Safe travels!

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BUT- will the airlines keep that scheduled flight????? No one knows....

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You got a great price a year ago, but this is the New (current) Normal, and the prices have changed. If the current price isn’t totally outrageous, then I’d imagine it’s worth it for you to be able to fly. Given what’s happened in the last year, the somewhat higher price might even be understandably low.

Lots of groceries have higher prices now, but that’s the current situation. Buy, be assured that you’ve got your flight, and don’t look back (unless you look sideways and see that they’ve discounted your flight), and enjoy your trip!

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I'm wondering the same thing. Now that airlines are allowing changes (though who knows for how long) I was thinking of booking just to get something in my itinerary and then watching for changes, especially to comfort or first class. I don't know if I'd have to cancel the flight to get the eCredit to apply to a new, higher class or if a change in class falls under their "change" policy. I can't imagine their tolerating much fare-hopping...

My schedule (June 2022) isn't even open yet so there's still time for some research.