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This quote below really frustrates me:

"The U.S. Transportation Security Administration has begun discussions with software companies about upgrading existing screening equipment so that it can detect liquid explosives."

So, since the "liquid bombers" of 2006 we've given TSA between 20 and 28 BILLION DOLLARS and they've just now thought about liquid bomb detection?!?

What have we the citizens of this country gotten for our 20-28 BILLION? As far a I can see, no water through security, longer lines, fancy new blue uniforms and badges for TSA (TWICE!!), barefoot screening process, and a chance for a random TSA to see you naked in a virtual strip search. All that, plus 20-28 BILLION spent and yet, not ONE terrorist has been caught. Which is, by the way, the same amount caught prior to TSA's formation.

Anybody else feel like we are throwing tons of money down a black hole based on fear and paranoia?

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But at least the people hired to do the job are adult, serious, and respectful of those being screened.

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