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2013 [INVALID] for train transportation from Rome to Sorrent

Has anyone taken the fast train from Rome to Naples and then theCircumvesuviana from Naples to Sorrento in 2013? How long did it take you on each train and were there luggage handlers in both places? How would you rate the transportation on a scale of 1-10?

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We did the opposite direction in 2009. Back then the transportation was fine. That would be a 10 for me since that seems to be the fastest and most economical option. There were no luggage handlers that I saw anywhere, including Rome. The Circumvesuviana station in Sorrento is very small. Buses are there to take you other places after you arrive. I'm sure there are taxis, too. According to DB Bahn, the fastest Rome (Roma Termini) to Naples (Napoli Centrale) segment is 1 hour 10 minutes. I used July 9th for the check. According to this information from Napoli Unplugged, it takes about an hour from Naples to Sorrento. Sidebar: I have never noticed a luggage handler in any train station anywhere in Europe. They may be there, but I haven't seen them. That's why so many people on this forum pack light and carry their luggage on the plane. My experience is that you must be able to lift, carry or drag your own luggage up and down the stairs, and there will be lots of stairs, just about anywhere you go, and especially in train stations.

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Many thanks for your detailed response! Your advice about packing light is a good one!
Much appreciated! Sue