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2 month eurail trip

How many cities in advance do you guys recommend that I book my train tickets? For example, I'm starting my journey in Madrid, going to Barcelona, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam.... Can I book tickets at a station in Spain for a trip from Paris to Brussels? Any insight on anything would be fabulous...feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to plan this

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It would also help to tell us when you are going. But -- in general -- except for night trains at day or two in advance is adequate and a week might catch a discount or two.

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Thanks, I am going in August and September. I know August is busy, so I was also wondering if it's possible to make reservations on the internet with eurail tickets or if they must be done at the counter.

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August will be fairly busy, but in September there will be a decrease. Have you bought your Eurail pass? Or are you using the point-to-point ticket method? You could invest in a 3-country Eurail pass. Or Interail, if you are from Madrid...(I'm confused about your location...)
If you've already got your pass, then don't worry about reserving seats or couchettes NOW. You can do that a few days before leaving for your next destination in Europe, and it will be much cheaper than buying and reserving here in the states.