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2 hour layover at CDG or AMS?

We are flying from San Francisco to Rome. We can either connect at Paris CDG or Amsterdam AMS. Both have about 2 hour 15 minutes between flights. Are both ok or is one more iffy than the other. We prefer CDG, but I personally think AMS will be faster. Thanks.

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it is just a layover but if u can help it ams over cdg all the time anytime;
and even more so since FRANCE is still officially in a state of emergency security.

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AMS is by all means a better airport than CDG. English is spoken more readily there too.

CDG is probably still looking for my wife after she unknowingly breached security. They emptied a whole terminal, two full airplanes waiting at the gate, all their luggage and even the security personnel. Took 3 hours to get the terminal searched, secured, everyone back through security and the terminal back running.

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AMS is much more efficient and smaller...hands down.

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Another vote for AMS--the worst connection I ever made was at CDG, I ended up running through the airport in my socks to catch my plane.

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My vote: AMS (by far.) Don't know if the museum there has reopened, but it is a pretty efficient airport.

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AMS passport control and security inspections have been more efficient and quicker than CDG (in my experience). Since my last connection through AMS, Schiphol opened a new central security center/system in 2015. Travelers coming from an airport with EU level of security scrutiny need not be re-screened when connection at AMS. AMS Central Security video explains the new process: (Discussion on transfers starts at about 1:30 into the video.)

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At neither airport have I had to make a connection , only to arrive in or fly out. That is absolutely no problem, I've waited two hours or more at CDG, waiting to depart. If the lay over time is the same, I would pick CDG.

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I am thinking AMS will be much easier and more efficient.

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Much prefer AMS. CDG is multi terminals so who knows how long between terminals.

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AMS. Avoid CDG unless visiting Paris and other locations in France.

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I just returned from France Sunday via Amsterdam, and flew over the same way. Having gone through CDG several times, there's no contest: Amsterdam is way more efficient. It's not exactly a small airport (to the contrary), but it seemed pretty well set up and signed. And the security issue, as someone mentioned, can make a big difference. We didn't have to go through security in Amsterdam either way, just passport control, which was pretty quick.

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Hi David, I just made reservations and struggled with this same question. I love Paris and France isn't in our plans this year. I thought we might just have time for a cup of coffee or something. Then I remembered the last time we connected through CDG and literally ran from one gate to a bus to the next gate. We made it on the plane just as they were closing the door. Two hours is not a lot of time. Not worth it, we went with Amsterdam.

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I don't mind flying into CDG. I don't mind flying out of CDG. I won't fly through CDG unless there is no other option. AMS is very nice to fly through. Done it several times and had not issues, My only issue I ever had at AMS, was I landed during a snow storm and my connecting flight was canceled along with many other flights. Six hours latter I finally made it to my destination. Weather happens, and at least I was on that side of the pond at the beginning of my trip.