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2-4-1 national rail travel card

Hi, I will be in London next month for 7 days. I read about the 2-4-1 travel card and understand it's only offered by National Rail. However, I am wondering 1) If arriving at Gatwick but not using train service to get to London center, can I still buy this 2-4-1 7 day travel card (will call it "special deal card" from now on)? 2) Are these special deal cards available at any train station - like Victoria, Charing Cross? If staying at a hotel near Russell Square, which is the closest train station to buy this special card? 3) I will be travelling with my daughter who will fly in from Finland on the next day. If I can purchase a special deal card from National Rail, does my daughter also need a 7 day travel card issued by National Rail in order to enjoy the discount rates? Or only one of us needed this special card? 4) With info I gathered for this special card, I will need: - a passport photo and get this card at a National Rail station? - if travel card is issued by National Rail, then simply show the card at site to get the discount? - if travel card is issued by Tube station, then a discount voucher is required to get the discount? Please correct me if I misunderstood what I read.
Thank you.

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1) Yes - although a return ticket from Gatwick would have done the job. 2) Any station with a National Rail operated ticket office. Closest to Russell Square would be Euston (or possibly St Pancras if you are somewhat east of Russell Square). 3) Both need to have a national rail ticket valid on the day of the visit. It doesn't need to be a 7-day one in particular. You could walk up to Euston each day you need one and buy a one day travel card. 4) Don't go to a tube station for the travel card only national rail. You will need a passport photo to get a for a 7-day card. To get the discount you need to have a voucher from the site (or leaflet) and each show your rail ticket.

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What Marco said. It is so easy and cheap to take the train from Gatwick into London I'm surprised you contemplate a different way. You don't have to take the train to Victoria, you can also take the train to Kings Cross or City Thameslink. You both need a valid train ticket and one voucher for each ace you will be claiming the 2 for 1 Days Out discount. Travel cards or Oyster Cards from anywhere else than a railway window at a railway station will not work regardless of voucher. Do not, for example, go to Euston and get the travel are downstairs at the underground. It must be upstairs at either set of windows or machines.