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1st class and 2nd class on the trains

Hi Rick Steves! I will be travelling with a 1st class eurail global pass this summer and will be using overnight trains frequently to save money. Since I have no problems sleeping in a seat, I will try to book seats instead of sleepers or couchettes whenever possible. Some trains though, for example the Allegro, state that the seats are 2nd class only. Can I still use them as a 1st class passholder or am I required to book a couchette? Thanks for your help!

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This isn't Steve's website, it's Rick Steves'.

1st class passholders can ride in 2nd class if they want to (but not vice versa).

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Haha, you are right, I guess I'm still decaffinated this morning! Sorry! :-/

Thank you so much for your quick response! That was the answer I was hoping for. Thanks again!