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1st and 2nd class on DB German trains

What is the main difference on German DB trains between 2nd and 1st class? The price difference is small for advanced bookings, is it worth it?

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In first class, the seats are spaced a little further apart, you have more work room, there's generally fewer people, and you have waiter service. It's designed more for business travelers who have to work en-route. I will occasionally spring for 1st class for that reason, but I travel 2nd most of the time.

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Hi, No doubt that 1st class on the ICE is more comfortable than it is in 2nd class. I ride both but crossing between France and Germany sitting in the 1st class ICE is much more preferable.

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It is worth a lot, in my opinion. Seats have more space, and are arranged on 2+1 rows instead of 2+2 on open-plan train cars. You can now pick up your seats as well, so that means if you are travelling just with a partner, you can pick 2 seats facing a table and not have other people near you (I find that uncomfortable, though I put up with it, on longer trips, and I'm much more relaxed if there is no other strange body near mine).

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Thanks so much...We are the group with the tight (8 minute) connection in Saarbrucken..I did go ahead with the 1st class..only 10 euro difference this early on, and thought it might give us a more comfortable ride and a speed closer to the platforms when we arrive!