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Rental Car

i'm thinking of driving from paris to barcelona and i'm wondering which european rental car companies are cheap for dropping off at a different location.


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hi eddie, i have uses both and and had no problem with either, also if you are going for more than 17 days you can lease/buy the car with and the price per day will be cheaper and you will get a brand new car and full insurance, did that once and it was worth it.all of these companies will let you drop off at a different location. there was some problems with theft in spain with rental car or tourists car coming from france since they have a different plate color, you might want to check that out too. are you sure you want to drive that long since a flight might be less then 200$? hope this help!

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There usually is a large fee for picking up a car in one country and dropping it off in another. However, there usually is no fee for picking up and dropping off a car at two different locations within the same country. You might save money by renting two cars. Drop off the first one inside the French border, take public transportation into Spain, and pick up the second car there.

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Do what you want to do- but research.
Both companies are great and very reliable for help, services, etc.
You will probably find better quotes before you arrive.
Spain is not the backcountry with bandits running around everywhere- just be aware.

Like don't leave valuables in the car, and say yes to insurance. I drove throughout Spain without any problems, there are always exceptions though.
Coming from LA this may be obvious?!!
Also, if you want to fly it will cost much less than $200.
I flew from Barcelona to Seville for $40. My boyfriend flew from Milan to Barcelona for $50- give or take a few bucks.