1800fly europe

Has anyone used 1800flyeurope to Paris from the US. Are they reliable? Who do I call if there are changes or problems at the airport? Thanks

Posted by Bob
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Hi Bitsy. I haven't used them, and from my perspective there is no advantage to using them, since it just introduces an extra middle man. Fine to use it for info gather along with Expedia and other sites, but when ready to buy, it's less risky to just buy directly from the airline. Good luck!

Posted by Bitsy
Stinson Beach
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Thanks Bob, I appreciate your reply. Actually they are $200-$300 lower than any airline for the same flight. Otherwise I agree it is generally easier to go direct to the airline. Hmmm I'll have to make a decision on this. Thanks again.

Posted by Michael 1
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Are you sure they are cheaper. Sometimes these sites don't do a good job of disclosing taxes and fees until you get to the point of purchase.

Posted by Jeff
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They are a travel agent and your flight is booked on a major airline. Pay with a credit card. Once you have made the reservations they will give you a confirmation number that you can used to find your travel information on the airline website. If it isn't right and they don't fix it call the credit card company and cancel the transaction. Once it is on the airline site it is the same as a reservation made directly with the airline - deal with them if there is a problem.

Posted by Bitsy
Stinson Beach
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Thanks Jeff, Yes that's exactly how it worked. I'll check the airline site to confirm it is all there. They were very good to deal with so I think this is a good find. Thanks again.