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Night Train Venice to Naples

My husband and I are traveling in Sept and will be taking a night train from Venice to Naples. I was wondering if anyone else has done this trip and if there is any advice? How far in advance should I make the reservations for the night train, I heard that you should do it early. But how early is early? 60 days? 30 days? one week? Thanks!!

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Since no one has replied I'll go out on a limb here. I haven't taken this trip but it looks like there is a night train that leaves just after midnight direct to Naples. I took a very busy route (Florence to Paris) in a much busier season (June) and we had no troubles making a reservation 1 week in advance. If you are going to be in Itally before you need to travel I'd personally wait and make it there. You shouldn't have too much trouble booking on ICN 771 once you arrive in Europe.

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i did the opposite way - from naples to venice. when i came to naples from rome by train, i bought my sleeper train ticket before i exit the train station. it's 2 days in advance and there were plenty tickets.

you can get ticket either from train station or travel agency, and i wouldn't buy it too early so i have flexibility.