eurail pass

i keep seeing a 1-month 1st class eurail pass for just over $1k USD. is there a 1-month 2nd class eurail pass for cheaper price? i'm a 28 year old traveler who will be in europe in may 2007. thanks.

Posted by Paul
Cedar, IA, USA
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Welcome to the group of "old" travelers, if you were under 26 you could get the 2nd class pass for $666, everyone else must take the first class one. Consider some other options. First, if you are traveling with someone, the saver pass drops the price to $870 each. Even dropping down to 21 consecutive days drops the price to about the same. Doing 10 days in two months Flexipass also is in the $750 range. If you look at your itenerary, you can manage your travel days to fit a cheaper pass, and also consider just buying a point to point ticket now and then for short hops or to delay activating a pass.

Posted by Harold
New York, NY, USA
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For a detailed discussion of rail passes vs. point-to-point tickets, look at this page from The Man In Seat 61. As he explains, one issue is that you have to buy a first class railpass, whereas individual tickets can be second class.

Posted by Neil
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See the bold print on The Man's site and do the maths.

Posted by Norma
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