"Paris Pass"

Will be spending a week in Paris in November. Are the Paris Pass or Museum Pass worth the money? I do hate to wait in line...

Posted by Tim
Minneapolis, MN, USA
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IMO, the Paris Pass is not a good deal, particularly because the Paris Visite transportation pass associated with it is overpriced. There are better choices to cover getting around. For a page listing all of them with links to detailed explanations of each one, go here: http://tinyurl.com/3bwnp3.

OTOH, the Paris Museum Pass can be a very good deal. Not only can you skip lines, but you can pop in and out of museums as the mood strikes you or visit a museum a second time if you wish to take another look. However, avoid the temptation to spend the entire day in museums on the days your pass is valid just to get every euro's worth out of the pass. You'll become a victim of "museum overload," all your experiences will run together and get blurry. See less and you'll appreciate and remember what you see more.

Posted by Tom
Lewiston, NY
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The Paris Museum Pass pays for itself the first time you bypass a 3-hour line. Get it!

Posted by Tim
Minneapolis, MN, USA
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Be aware that because everyone has to go through security, the museum pass doesn't allow you to skip the line at Sainte-Chapelle. And you also can't skip the line if you want to climb the tower at Notre-Dame. However, entrance to the cathedral itself is free.

Posted by David
League City
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Thanks for the great feedback. Since there will be a teenager along, was looking for any methods to reduce the boredom time... BTW, any suggestions for unusual or non-touristy places to visit would also be appreciated!

Posted by Angela
Chicago/Rural WI
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We used the Museum Pass in Paris and found it to be a very good deal. However, I don't think we understood how MUCH of a good deal it was until we arrived at Versailles, saw the line to get in that went AAALLLLL the way down to the street (a few hours long, for sure), but then realized there was a separate entrance for Museum Pass holders (which wasn't really marked) that had NO LINE. We breezed right in (in amazement).

For that reason alone, the Museum Pass is worth it!

Posted by Doug
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David - Post a new question about "non-touristy" items for your child and a few more specifics about age and interests. I'm sure you'll get lots of advice.