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london to paris

my family of 4 has 4 days to spend in london and 4 in paris. a friend suggests train/ferry to paris for the experience. seems eurostar or plane would be easier. any thoughts?

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I wouldn't vote for the ferry "experience". Ferry's are slow and can give you that sea-sick experience if you are prone to that. If you arrive at the airport you're going to have to take a train or taxi into the city center which will be additional cost. The Eurostar is probably the MOST convenient form of transport since it will drop you city center in both London and Paris. If you book early you can get some good prices on the EuroStar.

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Riding the Eurostar is also an "experience." Smooth, quiet, fast, convenient. It gets my vote.

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I love the Eurostar. It's fun to check out the high speed trains. I've flown across the channel too, and it only takes 45 minutes, though you do have to deal with an airport.

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I have done all three.

Ferry is SLOW. Plus you then have a long commute to Paris from the port. I don't think I will do it again.

Plane is fast, but subject to delays and with the mess at security now it would have to be a LOT cheaper.

Eurostar is my favorite. From the center of London to the center of Paris, no extra cost in getting to the airports, they seem to be on time and it's fun!