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Train Travel

We will fly into London, take EuroStar to Paris, then take train from Paris to Venice, then to Florence, and Rome. Can railpass be used for London->Paris (discount only) and Paris->Venice? I heard Paris to Venice is a fast train and railpass won't help much.

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If you travel during the day from Paris to Venice, the fastest route (ten hours) is Paris-Milan on a TGV (fast train) and Milan-Venice on a EuroCity train. With a pass you would still need to pay for reservations on both legs. However, IMO, a better choice would be the direct Paris-Venice night train (13 hours) since it saves you the cost of a night in a hotel and gives you more daylight hours for sightseeing. With a pass you would still need to pay for a reservation in a couchette.

IMO, if you book your Eurostar tickets at and your Paris-Venice tickets at well ahead of time to benefit from any discounts and simply wait until you get to Italy to buy your Venice-Florence and Florence tickets, you'll save quite a bit of money over buying a railpass and then having to pay for reservations on trains that require them.

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Having just gotten home from a Rome/Florence mini-vacation (in February), point-to-point train tickets in Italy are fairly inexpensive.
If you know your travel dates already, you should be able to get your Eurostar ticket reasonably. I would then recommend taking the night train Paris-Venice. Saves you more "daylight" for sightseeing, and youre not worried about hotels for one night of your journey.

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how do you know when your night train as reached your destition. My biggest fear is that I will fall asleep on a night train and miss my final destination. Are there many measures that eurail takes to prevent this problem? Are there any strategies you have contrived to prevent this from happening?

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Regarding night trains and missing a stop. We have only traveled on Ukraine trains overnight, but the car attendant kept track and woke you 1/2 hour or so before your stop. I would also set an alarm for myself, just like I do when I have an early plane to make.

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If you have a rail pass, it will not include the London to Paris leg, but you can certainly use it on the other legs but you have to pay a supplement. The supplement is not a lot. Rail passes are excellent and have other advantages with them. PottyaboutParis. Sydney Australia.