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Which Eurail Pass?

I am having a hard time deciding whether to do a select or global Eurail pass. I will be flying into frankfurt then to munich(1)--> fussen(1) -->munich (1)-->venice (2)-->rome(3)-->vernazza(3)--->interlaken(3)-->barcelona(4)-->madrid(4)
(x)denotes days in city
Is a 5 country pass valid in this situation? ( I'll be passing through austria and france). It looks like I have 8 days of travel, but I might want to go to the outskirts of some of these cities for day trips. My trip will last a total of 22 days. Does a p2p method sound feasible here? I can buy the 21 days global pass but that seems too much. Any help is appreciated.


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Iw ould do a 15 day global pass assuming you fling into Frankfurt and leaving Madrid. Since you are in Madrid last 4 days, you do not need the pass. Also, it would be much cheaper for you to buy a single train ticket from barcelona to Madrid than to pay for an extra week of a global pass and make sure to buy single trip tickets in Europe, not the states; it is cheaper there. As a side note, when you are in Interlaken, try to spend at least one of the 3 nights in the Alps themselves. Much better experience. Enjoy the trip.