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12 EU members call to suspend law requiring cash refunds for cancelled flights, replaced by vouchers

The following counties initially sponsoring this request were: Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, and Portugal. Germany, Spain, Romania, and Estonia have been reported as being in support too.

Details of the request here. One facet is that the vouchers would be refundable if not used by the end of their term.

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Qualified majority would be enough, which requires both of:

  • 55% of member states voting in favour - in practice this means 15 out of 27
  • Support by member states representing at least 65% of the total EU population

Clearly passes 1he first test and since many of the most populous countries are thought to be in favour looks like it passes the second too.

Reports suggest the Commission isn't keen, but on this level of support they would struggle to resist.

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Perhaps I missed it, but the proposal does not address what the voucher holding customer gets should the issuing airline go bankrupt before the voucher is used.

Otherwise it seems a reasonable idea to protect the consumer and not put further burden on the airlines when cash flow is essentially zero.

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Unfortunately I think it is very likely that we will all lose our money spent on flights. I am not sure how any of these airlines will able to redeem all of the vouchers they have distributed since the beginning of this drama given that so many are haemorrhaging cash.