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itinerary help??

Traveling from Paris to Italy...main stops in Rome, Florence and Venice before heading to cinque terra and then Barcelona. In what order is best. Should I fly to Venice and then head to Rome or Rome to florence to venice or rome to venice to florence. Any thoughts out there on these choices

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Florence and CT are fairly close, probably 2 hour train ride, though I'm not sure if you can train direct (I think you can). Do those 2 together. I'd go Rome-Florence/CT-Venice or the other way, but you don't want to train/fly from Rome to Venice(too far apart). Look at a map to see exactly where all cities are. If you're flying check out Ryanair, and which ways are cheapest for days you want to go. You can fly into Pisa, which is about an hour from Florence (train from airport to Florence) or take the train from Pisa 1 or 2 stops to Pisa main station and get to CT. Actually on Ryanair the stop is Pisa/Firenze I think, you actually land in Pisa. I live in Pisa-e-mail me at for any further help.

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Look at the train schedule from Venice to CT. It is NOT a straight trip. You would be better off going Rome, Venice, Florence then to CT. My husband and I did it this way. I had made B&B reservations BEFORE looking at the train schedule. It would take almost all day and a change of trains, whereas you could go Florence to LaSpezia then to Vernazza or whatever hilltown you will be staying in. Check the arrival time into Venice if you fly or the departure time. Sometimes it is very late arrival and very early departure then you have a problem of getting the water taxi rather than the vaporetto. It sounds like almost the same itinerary in Italy that we had. We did not go to Barcelona. How many days is your vacation?

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Miss B, Out trip is 3 weeks long. I have taken your advice and booked exactly as you stated. We will fly from Paris (3 nights) to Rome (3 days in Rome), train from Rome to Venice (1 night in Venice), train from Venice to Florence (4 days in Florence) and then Florence to Cinque Terra (2 nights in Monterroso). From CT we head to Avignon (3 Nights) and then from Avignon to Barcelona(2 nights). From Barcelona to Madrid (1 night) and then my daughter heads to Seville (semester abroad) and I fly hone.

Any special advice, seeing as we have the same agenda???