schengen visa ?

hello, i am wondering about the exact rules on an american traveling to europe. here is the situation: i spent june 2nd-july 18 2013 in greece and would like to return on oct 1, am i ok to return that soon? or do i need to wait 90 days before i can fly back? and once i do i have only 90 days to stay i understand before i must leave for another 90. also, just to be clear i must fly with a roundtrip ticket (i think one way ticket the officials will ask to see proof of finances that i can support myself?) i apprciate any feedback and i will have more questions, as this is very confusing sometimes. thank you in advance! oh also- i think i know the answer to this but to make sure: the visa is not a piece of paper really its just a big stamp in your passport you get when you enter that says you can stay until a certain day and month? so i wouldnt have to go to any consulate before my trip.. ok thanks!

Posted by Nancy
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Your Schengen question has been answered in the To the West section. As for the other, yes, you just get a stamp in your passport, but it doesn't tell you how long you can stay. It is up to you to know the rules. You can return Oct. 1, but only stay 43 days.