Train Rome to Florence

My husband and I will be traveling by train from Rome to Florence the evening of June 1st, 2013. We would like to spend as much time as possible in Rome and are not sure yet of what time we need to be in Florence. I have been looking at train tickets through both Italo and Trenitalia and they both have very good prices at around 20 euro each. I am wondering if these trains generally sell out or if we will be able to book for these prices near the date of travel when we know more about when we need to leave?

Posted by Sam
Green Bay
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The supereconomy fares will be gone, there may be a few economy fares left at odd times. Worst case you pay full fare which is 43 euro if memory serves.

Posted by Larry
Elk Grove, CA, USA
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The lowest price super economy tickets are limited on each run. Once they are sold, they are gone. Then, it's the next highest fare. As it gets closer to travel time, these discounted tickets may all be gone leaving only the full fare. That does not mean the trains are full. Just full fare for the seats. There are 50+ high-speed train runs between Rome and Florence each day. During many hours of the day, 3 of these runs will depart. Trains do not usually sell out. If one run does, it's about 20 minutes until the next one.