Paris metro tickets

I have the old white metro tickets left from a previous visit. I understand the new tickets are mauve. Are my old ones still good? Also, our grandson is 25 years old, not a student, but serving in the military in Germany. Is he entitled to any kind of reductions on the bus/metro lines?

Posted by Eileen
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From (Paris mass transit site): " You want to have an unused t+ ticket or old (mauve or green coloured) t ticket refunded T+ tickets (as well as the old mauve or green t tickets) cannot be returned. They remain valid for use, with no time limit. This means that you do not need to exchange your old mauve or green t tickets. However, if they do not seem to be working take them to a ticket office or information counter where they can be checked. If necessary you will be provided immediately with a free replacement." Here is a link to the entire webpage; at the very bottom of the page click on "After-sales Service" to see the info above. (To close the pop-ups, look for the 'x fermer' just outside the box, probably at the top-left corner.) *If he buys 10 tickets at a time, there's about a 20% discount (that's called a 'carnet'; it's frequently described as a 'book' of tickets, but it's just 10 individual tickets). That's what probably most of us do...