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Venice to Cinque Terre

does anyone have any advice on the best way/schedule to travel from Venice to Cinque Terre (Monterosso)? I know there are supposed to be trains, with connections, but haven't been able to find a good solution, leaving Venice early AM and getting to CT early PM. Help!

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Rob, there are two popular ways from Venice to the CT. Several trains a day for either routing. One way is Venice/Florence/Pisa/La Spezia/Monterosso. You could change trains 3-4 times depending on the run. 5.5hrs-6.5hrs travel time depending on the run. At this time, I see an early departure of 7:19 from Venice arriving in Monterosso at 12:54. 5:35hrs travel time. 3 train changes. The other routing is Venice/Milan/Genoa/Monterosso. At this time, there is a 7:50 departure from Venice arriving in Monterosso at 14:19. 6:29hrs travel time. 3 train changes.

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Hi Rob. Not sure where you've been looking, but it's easy to see all the choices on Use stations Venezia SL and Monterosso. You can't see schedules yet for after June 8, but they likely won't change; just use the same day of the week. Enjoy your trip!

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Rob, As the others have mentioned, you can find all the information you'll need on the Trenitalia website. Note that you won't be able to check trains too far in the future, so just use a trip in the next week or so, on the same day-of-the-week that you'll be travelling. One of the easiest and shortest trips on that route is a departure from Venezia S.Lucia at 07:19, arriving Monterosso at 12:54 (time 5H:35M with 3 changes at Venezia Mestre, Firenze SMN and Pisa Centrale). Note that the first segment from Venezia S.L. to Mestre is via Urbano - I haven't used that so not sure what it involves (may be a Bus?). The rail trip mentioned above is about an hour shorter than many of the others, and has three changes rather than four with other departures. Note that at least one leg is via Regionale, so you MUST validate your ticket prior to boarding the train. Other legs will have compulsory reservations, which will be provided with the tickets. Happy travels!