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1-way tickets to Europe

Is there any reason NOT to purchase a 1-way ticket to Europe? We are looking at an indefinite return date...Are one-ways frowned upon when entering European countries?

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I've never had a problem entering the UK without a return ticket, but it could be because I have a long term visa.

Given the extra security these days, it's probably wisest to have a return ticket unless you have a resident visa (i.e. student, work permit etc.) as one-way tickets sometimes look suspicious - both immigration and security wise.

In any case, it's probably cheaper to buy a return ticket. You could either spend a bit more to get one with some flexibility in the return date or just pay the change fee to set a new return date when your plans are clearer.

Have fun!

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One way tickets are not frowned upon by the immigration officials in Europe; they don't check for return tickets if you come from a wealthy nation like the US or Canada. But, one-way tickets are very expensive. Often triple the cost of a non-refundable RT fare. But, if you can afford, go for it.

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I don't know about one-way tickets to Europe, but when I was passing through London in May (transferring from Heathrow to Standsted for an ongoing flight to Spain), the immigration insisted on seeing my ticket for leaving the UK before letting me in.

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My boyfriend and I were going to purchase one-way tickets to fly into Manchester, UK, but when we talked to the British Embassy in Vancouver they told us we had to have a return ticket. It might depend on what country you're flying into - I've read that The Netherlands are a bit more relaxed with regards to customs - but I have no first-hand knowledge. We just bought return tickets to avoid any potential hassle.