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1 month: Italy - Austria- Czech - Germany

Hi everyone, 3 will be arriving in Rome on 28th Sept (morning) and flying out of Rome on 26th Oct. The rough plan is as follows: -Train out to Florence on day of arrival -Florence to Cinque Terre - Cinque Terre to Venice - Venice After that we'd like the following places but I need suggestion with the order and route to take: - Austria - Innsbruck and (any suggestion to the next closest attraction? I wanted somewhere scenic like Halstatt but its too far) -Germany - Munich and Berlin
-Czech - Prague and Cesky Krumlov From the suggested last destination, we will fly back into Rome and spend a few days there and over to Naples before we fly back from Rome. I'm open to any economical and time saving route suggestion, For instance if Cesky Krumlov is better replace with a different destination within Austria/Germany/Czech to stay within a certain timeline and ease of travel, I'm open to it. Also appreciate if you could suggest how many nights to spend in each place. ive been trying to do some research on my own before asking but im getting very confused with the train routes and such, therefore looking forward to get some suggestion from you guys and I can take it on from there and fine tune my plan. Thanks.

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Hi Bavani. A few ideas to consider... - fly into Prague and home from Rome to avoid backtracking. - in Italy, city order could be Rome, CT, Florence, Venice or reverse to avoid backtracking. For train schedules in Italy see; use a date in March or April to get the idea. - stay in city you fly into the first night to get oriented and minimize problems if flight is delayed.
Enjoy your trip!

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Thanks Bob. The only problem is I managed to get some good deal for return tickets to Rome and I will be arriving in Rome at about 7am or so. Hence the thought of going to via train Florence on the very same day and flying out from my last and farthest destination (not sure Berlin or Prague/Cesky) OR flying out the farthest destination (again, not sure which one) and then travel via train all the way down. Appreciate your suggestion but can't change my return tickets to open jaw now.

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On your trip north into Austria, Czech, & Germany from Venice....I would recommend for good train connections and interesting destinations: Salzburg, Austria (2 nights) Zell Am See Austria (2 nights...try the Grand Hotel) Innsbruck Austria (1 night...recommend Hotel Weisses Kreuz) Munich (3 out for Oktoberfest prices vs the fun party)
from Munich you can get good connections to Czech