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1 hr. layover in Paris - recheck bag?

Northwest has given me a one-hour layover in Paris (flying from Rome on Air France/Alitalia) before I catch my international flight back home. I was more picky about my flight over and so the only option I had on the way back that did NOT leave Rome at 6:30 a.m. was the one-hour in Paris. I figure it's their problem...they have to get me home somehow. But if I check a bag on the way back, will I have to retrieve that bag in Paris and then re-check it for the international flight?

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No. If, in Rome, they don't offer to route your bag to the US, ask them to. That is a very standard practice. If you have a connecting flight in the US, you will have to claim your bags and go through customs at your point of entry in the US, then recheck them.

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Agree with above. I usually ask when I check in rather than let them offer to check me right through. This I learned from experience of my first trip when I had to collect my bags in Rome and then transfer terminals and recheck for my Genoa flight. I'm sure it shouldn't be a problem, I now always get mine checked through from Mebourne to Genoa and that's with transfers through Sydney, Hong Kong & Rome.

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Oh, good! I'm glad to hear it. Last summer when I connected through Rome on my way home from Germany Delta only checked my bag through to Rome and then I had to wait forever to pick up the bag and then recheck it.