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1 hour connection in Zurich -- yes or no?

I am currently tracking airfare prices for our trip next summer. Depart from somewhere in or close to Vermont (Burlington, Montreal, Boston, Hartford) on June 25 to Zurich, return on July 6 from Venice. I'm going to jump on a fare that I like if/when prices shift, so trying to gather data now on which ones are reasonable so I can be ready to buy.

One of my options is to depart out of Montreal and fly direct to Zurich on Swiss Air. Then return Venice to Montreal through Zurich with a one hour connection, also on Swiss.

For the same price, I can have us on the same flight to Zurich, but return VCE-Frankfurt-Montreal with a 2 hour connection on Lufthansa (whole itinerary booked open jaw through Swiss). This second option leaves VCE earlier and arrives Montreal later, so that's the downside.

For some airports, I'd say "no problem" to a one hour connection. Others, I'd say "no way." I don't know Zurich airport very well; only traveled through there years ago for one trip (Boston-Zurich-Madrid, return Malaga-Zurich-Boston, all on Swiss), and my impression is it was a lot of walking. We travel carry-on luggage only, but we do have my special needs son, who we push in a stroller. We can walk fast, but elevators, checkpoints, boarding, etc., are all slower than normal for us.

I get that the airline has to get us home if we miss the connection, and, after being a frequent flier in a past life, I totally get that things happen while flying that are out of your control. I'm just looking for a gut check from those of you who are familiar with Zurich airport: is a one hour connection "no problem" or "no way would I even try it?"


-- Deb

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First, good choice flying out of Montreal for better prices. We have flown through Zurich many times and I think one hour would be fine.
Most important is your stress level and how it
will affect your trip. Perhaps due to transporting your special needs son, the Lufthansa flights
would be less stressful for you and your family.

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I too think 1 hr will be fine but depends on your stress level.

Last year did a 40 min connection flying Malta-Zurich-Chicago but did encounter very long lines getting through immigration and then a train to get to the gates. Made it with time to spare, though obviously boarding of the Chicago flight had already started by the time we got to the gate.

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I flew through Zurich in May with 1 hour and 5 minutes connection from United States. I had time to spare as flight as early but very efficient airport.

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Checking matrix.itasoftware, for your dates you can book through Air Canada for 1136 CAD. Nonstop to Zurich, which is actually the Swiss flight (they code share with air Canada), then a nonstop on Air Canada Rouge from Venice to Montreal. And the Air Canada leaves at 1:45 pm and arrives at Montreal at 4:30 pm.

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Thanks everyone for the feedback. I'll keep monitoring that 1-hour connection in Zurich; sounds like it's at least achievable

Sam, that itinerary looks great, somehow I missed it on Google flights. I'll add it to my tracking list.

-- Deb