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1 hour 5 minute layover in Paris on way to Venice

Air France has a direct flight from Seattle to Rome that would be the preferred method to go to Venice (and back from Rome), however on one of their itineraries, the layover is only 1hr5mn. That seems like it could be a bit tight. I know I wouldn't like that short just going through somewhere like Chicago, let alone another country. Maybe Air France has their own terminal and all flights will end up being close inbound and outbound, but I'm not sure of the risk.
Has anyone taken this trip or have any recommendations regarding such a short layover in Paris? The alternative is almost 4 hours, which means we spend a lot of time in the airport instead of in Italy.

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That's an awfully short time for a layover for an international flight. Last year, we had a similar amount of time for a layover in CDG, due to Alitalia putting us on standby on Air France. (We were booked on Alitalia out of Chicago, but their plane never made it into Chicago, so Alitalia had to rebook an entire 767. That was interesting.) We were advised that an hour or so, while technically a legal amount of time, was not a reasonable amount of time. My advice would be to schedule the 4 hour layover and bring a book.

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that is too tight in my view.
I say book the 4 hour lay over and play it safe. Less stress....

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Air France is notorious for allowing people to book tight connections at CDG. If you are booked all the way through from Seattle on one ticket, Air France is obligated to put you on the next available flight at no charge to you. If you land on time and everything goes perfectly, you will make it--but your luggage might end up on a later flight. And what if the next flight is sold out? I'm with the others. Play it safe and book the later flight.

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Take the 4 hour layover. You'll almost definitely not have your luggage with you in Venice if you choose the shorter connection. Plus you will have to clear customs in that period too, and frankly the Italians aren't always the stellar examples of efficiency on that point (and god forbid there's a strike...) And to top it off, if there aren't any other Air France flights to Venice that day, you're committed to Rome possibly overnight. With a long layover you can at least be in Italy albiet in an airport). If you're flying into Fiumicino, they have decent shopping, and you can get yourself a cappucino at the Autogrille (exactly like the ones on the autostrade, heaven!), and soak it up.

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This post at 6 years old is so far the oldest one found yet. Any bets on finding a 10 year old post? It's hard to find good help anymore.....

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Wow - that's my post. And in reviewing, I put Rome instead of Paris. And we ended up going through Paris to Rome and back via Verona.