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1 hour 15 minutes connecting time in Newark

I am considering a flight back from Venice that has a 1 hour 15 minute connection time in Newark. I have global entry and won’t be checking bags. Do you think I can get through immigration and make my flight in that time frame.
Also is Munich a decent airport to connect through? Are they efficient getting through immigration from the U.S.?

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First, how wonderful that you are asking this question before purchasing your ticket!

Assuming inbound flight is on-time, 1h15 is tight but doable with GE and no checked bags. However, as one can never predict whether your flight will, in fact, be on time, have a back-up plan in case things go sideways.

At least pre-Covid, Munich prided itself as an airport that provided efficient transfers. It's smaller than some of the biggies, which also helps. I've connected through there several times and have never had a problem.

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While there is a miracle chance you MIGHT make it, I personally would not be comfortable. Even though we are Global Entry, there were those times one of us got the SSSSSS code on our boarding pass, which is a random selection for a passenger to go thru a deeper security screening (as what someone who is not TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry would get). That can take much longer than a normal whiz thru.

Also,if there are ANY delays in the arrival of your flight for any reason, especially weather-related at your take-off airport, it is all bets off. And, to some degree, you could also lose a lot of time, if your connecting flight leaves from one of the regional jet gates (which are often further away) or your departure gate is a long ways down your regular connecting concourse.

And, do keep in mind, the check-in boarding ramp closes before the actual take-off time of the flight, so you would also loose some minutes there.

That said,I have made some amazingly speedy connections thru airports when situations became unpredictable....and often it involved a lot of running ( and very polite explanations to people going thru entry screenings before me......and some dear grace from those who kindly let us move ahead)....airport karma :)

It has been over three years since I connected thru Newark, and I do not recall if international arrivals have to take a bus type vehicle to the domestic concourses....someone with more recent experience can weigh in on that....but if so, that causes more time to make a connection, too.

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Are there any other flights that day to your final destination? Asking because if you miss it you'll be overnighting there - if there are several more flights after yours and your flights are all on one ticket the airline will put you on the next flight with available seats.

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Newark now has runway construction in progress. Many flight delays and cancelations. Do a "google" search and see if the construction is expected to be completed (and then add at least a month) before your trip.

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Munich is a great airport for connecting - smaller than FRA and easy to navigate in. I've connected through MUC many times

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I just returned from Italy and connected in Newark. The concern there, even with Global Entry and no checked bags, is that they make you exit the terminal completely before connecting to your next flight. That means that you have to go through security with all the hordes that are arriving locally at Newark. Global Entry shouldn't take hardly any time at all, it's getting to your next flight that might take longer than you think. And keep in mind that gates close earlier, so you actually have an hour (or less). It is possible, it just depends on how all the various factors go on that particular travel day.

I've arrived at Munich several times from the US (pre-Covid) and it was a very easy immigration process. I can't say whether or not that has changed recently, but the process entering and leaving Italy this summer was very easy.