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1 bag travel - within 8kg/18lbs

Just curious if everyone who likes to use the RS bag also carrys on a seperate bag/daypack? Ive tried to do all in the RS bag alone - but items like camera and books bring me well over 8kg when added to my "travel-lite" clothes (I try to follow ricks pack list). If the talk of 1-bag (no extra daypack or purse) does happen all over EU and not just UK - what tips/tricks do people do to keep the rick-list under 8kg? (PS - i have lots of trvel/hiking light weight clothes already and dont think I can get much lighter items!) thanks!

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I have a light jacket with lots of added pockets I stuff with guidebooks etc. After your bag is sized up and inspected you can rearrange things to your liking. Also I only use a light weight low cost duffel bag that saves lots of weight. Good luck

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I fly to Europe with 18# backpack plus a couple of pounds in a purse. I wear as many of my (heavier/bulkier) clothes as I can. Books and papers take up 4-5 pounds of the total weight. As I travel I leave books behind so that I often have given away all my books before I return home. If I am still over-weight, I leave some clothing and my umbrella behind. Any shopping I do is for small, light-weight items.

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Having travelled to several European countries, through the US, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia since the new regulations came into effect, I've yet to have a carry-on bag weighed. Even by Qantas, despite the strict limits mentioned on their website. So, the rule of thumb is just to keep your bag within the size regulations and no heavier than you can comfortably lift into the overhead bins.

Be careful about putting big things in pockets - that's generally a no-no especially in the UK. Everything needs to go IN your single carry-on bag. Keys and wallet are fine - put em in one of the small bins - but books etc. need to be in your bag until after security.


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Most of the airlines now appear to be focusing on size and number of carry-ons rather than weight. I use Rick's bag and take a day bag that "flys" empty, inside the front pocket.

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I travelled to Egypt with only my carry on ... Since I did not check any bags, they weighed my carry on. I was 2 kilos over going, but the nice lady let me go. On the way home, I put my heavy items in my over the shoulder bag and then emptied into the carry on later. My shoulder bag is the new security type and was great for my travel papers, travel book, small digital camera, water holder, etc. I travelled with a group of women and the only airline that appears to be very strict is British Airways.