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1:10 layover in Amsterdam enough?

I have a 1 hour and 10 minute connection in Amsterdam en route to Munich. Assuming it arrives on schedule, is that enough time to catch my connecting flight with customs, etc? Carrier is Northwest. Any tips appreciated!

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It's enough time if you are really pushy and extremely agressive going through passport control and then run like mad to get to your gate where you'll have to go through security. (I believe all gates have their own security but maybe that's just for the international flights.) The flights we took were Frankfurt to AMS and then AMS to SEA...We were the last to board. I won't do that again!

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Jack, you need to ask yourself what happens if you DON'T make it? It takes only a small delay in the flight or being stuck in the line getting off the plane to use up your cushion. I think of extra time between connections as akin to insurance; nobody likes paying premiums but they're happy if they ever need to collect on the policy.

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Assuming that both segments are on the same airline, and assuming that your luggage is checked through to Munich (or carried on), and assuming that the first segment is on-time, and assuming that there aren’t long lines to get through passport control or security, you can just make your connection at AMS. One tip: keep an eye on the overhead monitors while waiting at passport control; they will show flights that are departing soon, and will direct you to an express line if needed. Also, have an alternate AMS-MUC plan already in mind, since any number of things could affect your connection.

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What airline are you connecting to? If it's KLM or another airline that is a partner with NW check how many later flights (if any) there are. Thus, if you don't make it, there is a good chance they can put you on a later flight and it's worth the risk. If your connecting with a discount airline, this not enough time- it your late your tickets are worthless. Also at the immigration counters at Schipol there is an "express" lane for travelers with tight connections. Above this lane there is a monitor which lists which flights that are boarding soon, and only those passengers can use it.

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I usually also fly from Detroit through Amsterdam on Northwest connecting to KLM and try to give 2+ hours for connections (even sometimes 3 hours), just in case of delays, and since it can take a while to walk from one part of the Amsterdam airport to another (plus passport control, which I've never had a problem with, but my mother got stuck in a long line there once). I've run through enough airports already :) AMS doesn't have free Wifi, and the food's not that cheap, so you don't want to be stuck there too long.

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Generally it is considered enough but tight. So you can relax alittle ck the schedule for the next flight to Munich.
that why you will know your options ahead just in case.

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I would schedule 2 1/2 hours (and then arrive at the gate 1 hr. 45 min. early). If you leave it at the quick turn around you're going to stress about it your whole flight - not worth it IMO.

If you do have time to kill at Schipol, there is a display of works from the Rijksmuseum that is good for a short visit and free.